• Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any website requirements to use Tee Ticket?

No. Tee Ticket’s store and event system is separate from your website, and completely maintained by our staff. Your Shopify store will be separate from your website – though we encourage to post your promotion to your current website to help increase sales!

We have specific terms of use for our voucher promotion. Can we customize those?

Absolutely. Tee Ticket attaches the promotion details directly to each purchased voucher via PDF and email. Add information like: When is it available? Redeemable only on weekdays? Is a Cart included? Valid for use on Holidays? Same day replay included? etc.

Does Tee Ticket provide support for our customers who purchase vouchers?

Yes! We handle any (unlikely) issues that may arise. Sometimes a customer may delete their email containing vouchers accidentally etc., and our priority support contact email is provided to your customers after a purchase. This way, Tee Ticket can help your customers with their vouchers, and you can focus on the important stuff – running your golf course!

How secure are the vouchers and redemption system?

Tee Ticket’s system is designed to prevent duplication or replication of any kind. Each purchase is immediately linked to the voucher system. Vouchers are not able to be scanned more than once. Unique employee accounts allow for tracking purposes to see who scanned what, and at what time. Only Tee Ticket staff and provided administrator accounts can modify and update purchased vouchers.

How do the MailChimp email blasts work? When are they sent to our golfers?

Using your current mailing list, we design and code two beautiful, conversion optimized email blasts that are sent to your golfers to generate revenue. We can send you the template, or log-in to your MailChimp account and do all the work for you! Based on our previous successful voucher email campaigns, we can recommend when the emails should be sent and staggered to maximize opens, clicks, and sales.

We have many employees who will be scanning vouchers. How do we keep track?

Tee Ticket provides unlimited employee accounts. Administrator accounts can view all the scanned vouchers by each employee for accountability. Alternatively, your employees may use one shared account to redeem vouchers.

Can our course sell vouchers for a limited time, but have them redeemable all season?

Yes! Tee Ticket is great for limited time promotions. We request that all golf courses notify us with the sale and redemption parameters for your promotion, whether it’s all season long, or for just a short period of time. Limited time sale promotions also reduce the total cost.

What is needed to scan/redeem vouchers?

Vouchers can be scanned by any smartphone, tablet, or device that has internet access and the ability to read and scan a QR code, whether it’s native functionality or a third party app. Alternatively, using a computer to log-in to the event management panel and searching for the customer or ticket ID will also allow you to redeem the vouchers manually.

We don’t have a mailing list – is Tee Ticket for us?

Though we do recommend using a mailing list for Tee Ticket promotions, it is not required. Sending email blasts every so often has proven to regularly drive sales for our clients. If you have enough traffic to your website and display a voucher sale banner/link, sales may be driven through that method.

Our point of sale/payment gateway provider doesn’t have eCommerce/online support. What do we do?

Don’t worry! Tee Ticket uses Shopify for your eCommerce store where the vouchers are purchased. This means you can choose from Stripe, PayPal, or other popular payment gateways. To see a full list of supported payment gateways sorted by availability by country, View all Payment Gateways here.

What does Tee Ticket’s Shopify Partnership mean?

We use Shopify, one of the best eCommerce platforms in the world to provide voucher purchasing functionality to your golfers. Our partnership is a reflection of our expertise in their platform, with other successful stores launched under our name. We design, set up, and maintain the store, but the Shopify store is owned by your golf course.

Are customers absolutely required to print their voucher?

No. Golfers that have access to the PDF vouchers provided to them via email or have their vouchers synced to their Wallet app can display the QR code on their device to be scanned by the employee just as if it was printed. With our current Tee Ticket users, the majority of customers do still prefer to print and bring their voucher. It is recommended to keep any printed and redeemed vouchers at the Pro Shop for reference.

I want to use my current payment merchant. What payment gateways are supported?

Currently supported payment gateways include: Adyen, Affirm, Alipay Global, Authorize.net, Bambora, BitPay, Chase Paymentech (Orbital), Coinbase, Commerce, CyberSource, Elavon Converge, First Data Payeezy, G2A Pay, GoCoin, IATS Payments, Ignite Payments, Kash Direct Debit, Moneris, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Payflow Pro, Paysafe, PinwheelPay, Psigate, PUT IT ON LAY-BUY, Sage Payment Solutions, Sezzle, Shopify Payments, Vantiv Integrated Payments

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